Many people think of business as a duty or an institution to be tolerated in an otherwise happy and meaningful life. I disagree with this view and actively seek to create and improve business such that it brings joy, success and creativity to my life. While there are certainly businesses that act undesirably from an outsider’s standpoint, just as there are people who disturb the peace, business as a broad arena of concern is neither inherently evil nor good. Business is simply the portion of life dealing with the free exchange of goods and services between free people.

My interest in business lies with specific ideas, methods and practices that foster the types of values and growth that I think are most conducive to the betterment of all people involved, including owners, employees, and customers. I often express my views through the lens of my particular industry and profession (software development), along with my preferred specialty (web development) and business type (small, privately owned firm). Some of my commentary applies to the business world at large, but much of it is focused on my circumstances, and as such, is useful to me as a body of knowledge accrued for the purpose of doing things better, both now and in the future.

Essays Concerning Business