An educator should think of a child as a gardener thinks of a plant, as something to be made to grow by having the right soil and the right kind amount of water. If your roses fail to bloom, it does not occur to you to whip them, but you should try to find out what has been amiss in your treatment of them… The important thing is what the children do, and not what they do not do. And what they do, if it is to have value, must be a spontaneous expression of their own vital energy.

Bertrand Russell

Education, in a broad sense, is the foundation of all knowledge and reason, and thus of all progress and success. Every living being undergoes some education, but the few centuries of our own species’ intellectual history have taught us that the manner, subject, and duration of education have great effects on the student’s ultimate ability.

With that in mind, I write about improvements and fruitful digressions in education that may provide much needed change from the profoundly lacking system of institutionalized education now en vogue. I am interested in and I encourage eccentric thought in the field of education because I think we have much to learn about the best ways to achieve progress though future generations. The best way to find these unknown improvements is through a market of experimentation where certain educational ideas can compete with others. The most robust and powerful sets of ideas will fuel the intellectual future and improve the quality of life for our species.

Essays Concerning Education