The subject of philosophy is underrated from the layman’s perspective. There is an enormous wealth of information to be found in philosophy about critical thinking, questioning assumptions, recognizing truth, and using reason and logic as one’s guide through life. Philosophy embraces unpopular dissent when it is well-founded, and teaches a radicalism of the mind wherein every individual is the ultimate arbiter of justice and seeker of truth.

The love of knowledge entails the what, how, and why of ideas. Ideas are, whether the typical person notices or not, the building blocks of our interface with reality. Ignoring the improvement of one’s basis and methods for idea manipulation is the quickest way to become a person of others—someone who lives to feed from and serve the purposes, designs and whims of other people. Thus, the study of philosophy, rightly conceived, is the study of independence of mind, beauty of truth, and ability to shape the world to one’s own will in pursuit of betterment.

Essays Concerning Philosophy