I’m trying to harness the most powerful force on the planet: mutually beneficial exchange.

Paul Romer

Society is the great mixture of institutions and people that make up our world. Law, culture, community, politics and economics are all topics that are concerned with how we function together as a species through the society we’ve created. I am chiefly interested in the rules that make up our society, their relative importance, and how we can make small changes to rules in order to effect larger desirable change to society as a whole.

One of my broad theses concerns the partitioning of rules such that the necessary rules are separate from the discretionary rules. Too many people, in my opinion, see society in a binary fashion, where there are “good guys” vs. “bad guys”, or those who “get it” vs. those who don’t. I think there is a finer distinction wherein some types of rules are necessary for society to function well, where other types are arbitrary and supported only by preference or superstition. I would like to isolate and optimize the “baseline” rules, while leaving the rest for the religious and superstitious among us.

Essays Concerning Society