Too often, technology is portrayed as either the solution to all of our problems, or the most dreadful affliction of our time. As should be no surprise, there isn’t a reasonable and rigorous argument to be put forth toward either of these hyperbolic theses. Instead, technology offers us vast ability where previously there was little, but demands no specific course of action. Technology is ideologically inert, but opens our eyes and empowers our imaginations to achieve many things that have been considered impossible.

To say that technology doesn’t have a direction would be false—its direction is forever forward and upward, compounded and powerful. Our task, as a species, is to imbue that drive with the moral values that may save us from our self-imposed doom. The answer, then, is not to eschew technology completely, nor to become so heavily absorbed that we lose perspective, but to leap forward toward a better life and land firmly with our feet on the ground.

My writing on technology is usually more specific, though, given that my profession involves the creation and dissemination of newer and better software technology.

Essays Concerning Technology